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Cassette Face Print - template

Cassettes are silk-screen imprinted with:
Track listings
Artist Name
Title of Cassette
Either Side One or Side Two graphic
Any applicable logo
The imprint is either in black or white ink and at 133 line screen resolution.

Cassette J-Card Print

Cassette J-Card are printed 4 color process on 100# coated text. They can also be printed on the back side (either black ink or 4 color process). J-Cards get their name from the “J shape of the finished cards.

Cassette J-Card templates are listed as:

1 Panel J-Card - templates
2 Panel J-Card - templates
3 Panel J-Card - templates
4 Panel J-Card - templates
5 Panel J-Card - templates
6 Panel J-Card - templates

The configuration of the card is dependent upong the amount of information needed to be shown.

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