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DVD Pre-Mastering Basic Questions

1. What video format is the original source material on? High Band: Betacam, Digi-Betacam, DV-Cam Low band: VHS, S-VHS, Mini DV, U-Matic?

2. How long in running time will the program be? Is all the material from one source or multi-source?

3. Is the program finished or does it have to be put together (Editorial - add or remove content)?

4. What is the nature of the material and is it for resale or not? This is a critical question - we need to know by the nature of the program how to format the project so that we can present and protect the material - “Marketing DVD” vs. “For Resale Properties.” These are many different ways of presenting and protecting DVDs: single layer (DVD-5), dual layer (DVD-9), region coding, encryption (CSS, Macrovision).

5. Besides material from video tape, will there be additional elements (line art, PhotoShop files, still pictures, text, etc.)?

6. What will be the linear play-on a time line (you can have multiple time lines)? Or in what order will the program play back?

7. Interactivity: Will the program be a straight play? Do you want the program to auto-loop? Will there be chapter points (should be specified by you with time code number marks)? How many? Do you want direct links that are menu-driven with access to each chapter? Are motion menus required (non-static moving background)?

8. What type of links or buttons? We can use text for chapter headings, bit map images (still pictures from a program that is reduced in size to form a button), number pad “on remote” enter buttons, motion buttons (windows with looping movie clips running) or multiple other options. Is sound required on Menus (looping audio file running)?

9. How many languages, or subtitles? DVD can take up to 8 different audio tracks for alternate languages, and up to 8 different subtitle lines for different text.

10. If multiple options are incorporated, what will be the default position of the program?

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