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CDs and DVDs as Marketing Tools

You have hundreds of direct-marketing tools at your disposal, but only CDs and DVDs consistently deliver the four magic words every direct marketer wants to hear:

Proven greater response rates

Here’s even better news: disc-based marketing is now more cost effective than print in most cases. The facts are in. If you want better results for your marketing dollar, the numbers add up for CDs and DVDs*:

  • 7%. CDs and DVDs deliver an average response rate of 7%, compared to just 1/2–2% for direct mail.
  • 19%. When your target customer group requests to receive your CD or DVD, conversion rates skyrocket to 19%.
  • 10-40%. Thanks to savings in duplication and postage, producing and distributing a CD or DVD is usually 10-40% less expensive than printing a catalog.
  • 50-60%. Disc-based marketing boosts recall of your message 50-60% over print.
  • 95%. Technology barriers have shattered. Nearly all people in non-consumer locations can view and interact with a CD; most can now view DVDs.
  • * All figures from “Analysis of the Use of CDs/DVDs for Marketing, Providing Instruction/Information, Communications and Premiums,” Cambridge Associates, Inc., 11/2003

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