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What We Do:

Commercial Printing –

We provide complete offset printing services from business cards to annual reports and anything in-between. In addition, we can produce specialized packaging, (both POP and retail) to support whatever project you envision.

CD/DVD Authoring –

We create master CDs/DVDs from concept or from customer-supplied files.

CD/DVD Duplication –

We burn CD-Rs or DVD-Rs for quantities under 500 units.

CD/DVD Replication –

Replication is used when quantities larger than 500 units are needed. Replication is a different process from duplication. It’s a high-end process that takes the master CD/DVD and creates a glass master, then makes metal stampers, which are used an injection-molding process, to produce each CD/DVD. The face of each CD/DVD is then printed (silk-screen) with high resolution face art.

C Squared can replicate your project to the following DVD media formats (in addition to the standard CD formats):
DVD-5 – A one-sided single-layer DVD disc that can contain up to 4.38 gigabytes* of data.
DVD – A one-sided two-layer DVD disc that can hold up to 7.95 gigabytes* of data.
DVD-10 – A two-sided DVD disc that can hold up to 4.38 gigabytes on each side. During playback, the disc must be flipped to access the data on each side.

*Many manufactures market their discs claiming to hold 4.7 gigabytes (DVD-5) and 8.5 gigabytes (DVD-9). These values are misleading and are based on the fact that a gigabyte is equal to 1000 megabytes when in actuality, one gigabyte is equal to 1024 megabytes.

Packaging –

We produce various types of retail/pop and CD/DVD packaging; from corrugated cartons, to CD jewel case print, to DVD packaging, to software packaging, to gaming packaging, etc.

Fulfillment –

We offer complete fulfillment, storage and shipment capabilitiy, if needed.

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