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Why Choose C Squared?

C Squared has been in the replication/duplication and information packaging industry for more than a decade. Additionally, we have over 35 years of printing and graphics experience. Every project we take is different. Whether it is a printed flyer, a short run of 25 CDs or a project of 1,000,000 DVDs in special packaging; our customers get treated with the same concern and respect. We pride ourselves on impeccable service and that’s what keeps our customers coming back.

We know from experience that replication is not simply a commodity business, but a value-added process. The most important thing to our customers isn’t saving pennies in the short run (only to pay more in the long run). From our people, to the technology we use, our entire business is designed to provide value you can count on and a partnership you can trust.

If you’re looking for the lowest per-disc price, you can find plenty of commodity-based providers on the Internet. When you work with C Squared, you get more than ink on paper or a box of discs, you receive our commitment. Regardless of how simple or complicated your project is or how quickly you need it, we strive to give you:

• What you want, when you want it, where you want it
• Responsive customer service
• Competitive pricing

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