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When CDs & DVDs Work Best

CDs and DVDs are among the best (and fastest-growing) direct-marketing tools, especially when used in the right situations. According to the most recent studies*, you should consider using CDs and DVDs as marketing tools for many purposes – especially:

  • Pure Marketing. Motivate potential customers to order your product or service – or seek additional information on it. For example, if you have a new SUV, send a DVD promoting it to existing SUV owners.
  • As a Premium. Reward people who buy your cereal with an enclosed DVD or CD promoting a movie, TV program, musical group or video game.
  • Training or Instructing. Enclose a disc with your innovative new exercise equipment that helps the buyer learn how to use it.
  • Informing. Send a CD or DVD to communicate performance results or impending concerns to your association members.
  • To Build a Customer Database. Develop a promotional CD that links viewers directly to your website – where they can sign up to receive additional information.
  • To Attract a Younger Consumer. The MTV generation has become used to viewing videos, hearing short sound clips; everything in motion (not reading print) to get their information on what & where to buy, etc. They expect to see information in those terms.
  • In an increasingly crowded marketplace, only CDs and DVDs give consumers and marketers what they want – a more entertaining presentation, a more efficient way to buy products, and a better way to track responses. According to the most recent studies*, only CDs and DVDs give you and your customers:

  • A More Powerful Experience. Only CDs and DVDs deliver full sound and motion – specially useful when you‘re launching a product that requires demonstration.
  • Faster Purchasing. Only CDs and DVDs offer direct links to websites for fast, convenient purchases – as well as additional or updated information.
  • Higher Perceived Value. Only CDs and DVDs have a high perception of worth. In other words, people are less likely to throw away your CD or DVD – and are more likely to view and keep it.
  • Better Message Delivery. Only CDs and DVDs rise above the clutter and deliver your message when the audience is least distracted (and most likely to respond).
  • * All figures from “Analysis of the Use of CDs/DVDs for Marketing, Providing Instruction/Information, Communications and Premiums,” Cambridge Associates, Inc., 11/2003

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